The Zabel Home Project Enters the Blogosphere!

Welcome to our blog!  We may be fashionably late to the blogosphere, but here’s where we plan on recording the exciting progress of our project—a new or drastically renovated home!

We’re well into the process, so let’s catch up…

This journey all started at our former home in the south end of the Broad Ripple neighborhood in Indianapolis.  It was our first house; a  rather simple not-quite-1,000 square foot, all brick ranch with an unfinished basement on .18 acres.  The home was no more than we needed, although the closets and 1 bathroom were miniscule.  I had to sit at an angle if I didn’t want my knees in the tub.

We did a lot of work to the house and knew we were risking a loss of the almighty Return On Investment if we did much more.  And boy did I have plans for more: Due to the slowdown of the recession, I had a lot of time to think about what I’d do to the house when I wasn’t trying to stretch a project out as long as it could go.  (… Or photoshopping my face onto different bodies.  Totally unrelated, but still a great time killer.)

Here’s what we did: (first floor plan shown)

  • Refinished wood floors
  • Replaced all light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Replaced exterior doors
  • Replaced fireplace doors and damper
  • Stripped and painted exterior windows
  • Installed tile in kitchen, hearth, and front porch
  • Replaced cabinet hardware
  • Replaced bathroom toilet and sink
  • Installed drainage tile between house and brick paver patio
  • Landscaped
  • Rebuilt picket fence
  • Installed glass block vented basement windows
  • Installed basement drainage system
  • Installed insulation around rim joist
  • Built storage shelves in basement
  • Replaced water main shut off & new hose bibb (paid service)
  • Replaced heat expansion tank.
  • Painted throughout and installed various trim

Here’s what I was dreaming and scheming: (partially modeled here, pdf plans linked at the bottom)

A phased remodel of the basement to add storage shelves, a more convenient laundry location and room with more amenities, a mud room (Phase IVc  shown on the pdf file), living area, and extra bedroom.  It’s fun to scroll through the pdf in full page view.  It’s like a flip book!

PDF plans – 01-BsmtPhased


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