Property Search Part 5

By this point we made two failed offers and had three other opportunities slip through before we could even step up to the plate.  It was time to get serious (as if we weren’t already)  It was time to compile lists.

We had a back burner list.  Remember those FEMA maps?  There were a number of flood plain properties that were…  well, almost okay, but more like a last resort.  Although there are a good number of sexy modern homes on stilts (think Ray Kappe’s home).  There were also downtown lots in the slated redevelopment area of Fall Creek, but the more desirable ones fall within Historic Preservation Districts, with persnickety requirements, and the rest were at the fringe and a steep risk since the redevelopment had slowed.

We also had a short list.  These came from driving around and scouting out for sale signs, from friends telling us to go check out a home, and from the daily Internet searches.  With our streak of near misses we usually called our realtor to schedule showings pretty quickly, but none of them quite matched our hopes, or presented some really cock-eyed conditions that screwed up the feasibility of an overhaul.

I even burned up the Internet on those sites I listed, compiling all of the empty lots that met our requirements but weren’t necessarily for sale.  I called one owner who had a thick UK accent. He said he was holding out for better times when he could get more money.  “Meat on the hoof” is what he called it.  Meat on..  th..  .  wwwhha?

Of course, I even began a shit list—a record of our near misses.  Sort of a sarcastic thank you note to the universe.

I’m not sure if any of the lists accomplished anything.  I don’t even know if it helped to organize our thinking or approach.  Regardless, we marched onward.


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