Property Search Part 8

There were 8 properties on the backburner and still available.

We decided to drive by the very first vacant lot we looked at 10 months ago.  It looked totally different—the owner had cleared the brush on the vacant lot, and had placed survey flags along the property lines to better show the boundary.  We were shocked.  When we had looked at it 9 months ago, it was overgrown and we assumed the lot lines to be more restrictive than they really were.  And what about the two dingy homes across the street that threatened overall potential value?  They even seemed to be spruced up a little.  Maybe it was the 10-month search fatigue equivalent to beer goggles…

We drove through the entire neighborhood again.  The neighborhood itself was situated near our beloved Broad Ripple, but in the desired Washington Township school district—plus, it offered easy access to our downtown commute. The existing houses originated in the 60s-70s, with many diverse styles, and a range of values (several of them 100-200K+ more than our overall budget, which meant we wouldn’t be the highest around). Plus, the winding, wooded feel to the neighborhood was exactly what we desired, but were hard pressed to find, in a city neighborhood.

The up side to the lot itself; it was .57 acres on an up-sloping wooded lot in an established neighborhood with a couple mid-century modern homes (covenants can’t look cross-eyed at you for building modern if they’ve already got ’em!).  PLUS, it had dropped several thousand dollars in price.  The down side: this street was obviously the lower end of the neighborhood and it required a SEPTIC SYSTEM!

Regardless, it was already priced in our budget range and had been sitting on the market for well over a year. We were ready to be done looking.  We made an offer.


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