Site Analysis

As I mentioned previously, architects prefer to design a building that factors in the specific conditions of a site.  Actually, we’re trained to from the start, this is straight from 1st year architectural courses!

I developed a couple graphics to depict legal conditions, environmental conditions, and programmatic (things that we want to include in the program) conditions.

Zoning Analysis:

Building height limit – 35’
Accessory building height limit – 20’
Minimum open space – 80% = 19,863 sf
Minimum 1st Floor area – 800 sf
Minimum total floor area – 1200 sf
(As you can tell there is room for interpretation of the front setback)

Environmental Analysis:

.57 acres

Summer sunrise/set ~ 118° from S
Peak Sun angle = 70.66°
Winter sunrise/set ~ 59° from S
Peak Sun angle = 26.79°

22.5° W of S

10.25% overall slope
1.25/12 overall slope
(low at south end – at street access)

Programming Analysis

Views, Screening, Access, Desired Connections, Minimum Trees to Retain.


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