Exploring Style

Any architect worth a grain of salt should be able to design to whatever style suites a client’s personal taste.

(Granted, a client may ask for pink shutters.  Since we’re hired to provide a service, the client should see an option with pink shutters.  But as arbiters of good taste, that option, along with another one or two should be used to talk the client out of a bad decision.)


The exterior concepts shown here are all for the same renovation job (not our own home); the footprint and floor plans are virtually the same throughout.  The client asked for a 2nd story addition.  There was little to no expectation for style, since the existing house was “traditional.”  (That’s a real estate marketing term that really means there’s no intentional style, just the least expensive suburban construction typical to the time it was built.)  Think vinyl.


I knew I should show a concept that followed the existing ‘style,’ but I also wanted them to consider the added value of going a step further.  So I quickly developed a cottage style option and a contemporary modern option.  Exploring options early on is cheaper than shifting gears during construction or realizing years later that a home could or should be something more than it is.


I’m biased, but buildings should be inspiring.  Inspiring objects are treasured and treasured objects are cared for.


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