Random Sketches (process)

While designers revel in polishing our ideas before showing them off, it’s always cool to see the messy process that leads up to it.  Consider this “behind the scenes” footage on the bonus features of our blog.  People pay extra to see that stuff.  But for you, my friend…  I’ll start with the tiny elevation sketches that I tend to do.

I’ve been teased before for these itty bitty sketches and had them sardonically called ‘jewels’ because they’re just enticing enough without solving big problems.  But they help to establish a general look before having to delving into details.

My generation came up on the cusp between the analogue and digital means of production.  While we were training ourselves on 3D modeling, we were running ammonia fueled blue print copies during internships.  We’re prone to retreat to our computers to mull over a design, but I learned from Scott Perkins in my first full time job that sketching options on the spot in front of clients is much more efficient, gets immediate sign off, and is less constraining.  I’ve developed a love of sketching, but my design process usually involves jumping back and forth between pen and mouse.

Locating the garage was a huge challenge.  After playing with the two concepts shown in the next post, I tried to find a third location, but none were satisfactory.

The next handful of sketches show more of a progression with two different thoughts

And on to the polished design work!


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