The Nest

Our home project moved to the back burner this past month.  We intend to regroup and rethink our design, but since the last post I’ve only had three free nights to really focus, and I’m burning one up writing this update.  D’oh!  So goes blogging.

We’ve been really busy – with our other little project;  Project Baby Z (we use “Zibi” for short)!  Between our regular schedule of band rehearsals, dog walking, and binge photoshopping, we’ve been going to appointments, taking classes, and have had several baby showers.  Since the house is on hold I thought I should show off our nesting preparations!

On center stage is the modern style crib we bought after a load of research.  It is the Mercer in espresso by Babyletto.  Luckily, we found one new-in-box on Craigslist for half the store price.  We were inspired by a crib set by Dwell Studio but not its price, and Melissa’s mother lovingly made our set from this similarly themed fabric from JoAnn‘s.

We also found a tree decal that we really liked.  It didn’t make sense to buy the expensive decoration for our interim rental unit.  Instead, our good friend Heidi helped us project, trace, and paint a clone on the wall behind the crib.  Thanks Heidi!  We also plan to make a sun/moon clock to the left of the tree, and a crib mobile along the nature theme.

To stimulate imagination and creativity, we purchased a slew of children’s books on clearance at Half Price Books, did the unimaginable to them, framed the pages with construction paper and foam core and then fixed them to the wall.  Zibi gets to explore scenes from the Scrawny Tawny Lion, Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Pan, the Cat in the Hat, Hansel and Gretel, and others while we’re rocking out in the rocking chair!

The rest of what you see are items given with love by friends and family at baby showers!  From the bookcase and twice the number of books to fill it, to some beautiful and soft blankets,  fun toys (like the colorful dinosaur from my mother), and big items like a stroller and car seat…  we feel loved and are grateful to have so much support and preemptive fans of our little guy!


Now…  off to stock up on some of that sleep everyone keeps telling us we’ll be missing out on shortly.  Baby Z is technically full term today, and in three short weeks we get to meet him!  We are so excited to be parents!

A huge thanks to everyone for helping us prepare the way!


4 thoughts on “The Nest

  1. Thanks for sharing…We are excited too for both of you!
    Love the books. Readers Are Leaders, have always been our motto. (It’s working out okay so far)

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