the Lower Level Garage

One of the largest hurdles of our design is placement of the garage.  Generally speaking, the most desirable hillside lots slope down going away from the street; where a walkout lower level at back opens the private living spaces up to the outdoors, and makes views more dramatic.  In our case, the lot slopes up going away from the street with the opposite effect.

The lot is also narrow;  a side loading garage or even a garage situated next to the house constricts the side yards and encroaches on the root structure of the most mature trees.  (A previous design tested this configuration.)

Placing the garage at the back of the property gobbles up private outdoor space and adds notable expense in additional driveway.

Our solution instead is to place it at the front, minimize drive, and to combine our “walk out” basement condition with the garage, as a response to the slope of the site.  Here are some inspiring modern designs that do the same.  Photo copyrights belong to the design firm unless noted otherwise…

Several of these also have roof top decks above the lower level garage, just like our latest design.

SB ARCHITECTS                                                                                                               project featured here

WA DESIGN INC                                                                                                               project featured here

TERRY & TERRY ARCHITECTS (link broken)                                                             project featured here

STUDIO 101 ARCHITECTS                                                                                            project featured here

SCT ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA                                                                             project featured here

SB ARCHITECTS                                                                                                               project featured here

SAOTA                                                                                                                                project featured here

 SAM ARCHITEKTEN UND PARTNER                                                                           project featured here

RICHARD MEIER PARTNERS                                                                                        project featured here

PIERRE HEBBELINCK                                                                                                    project featured here

PATTERSONS                                                                                                                    project featured here

N-LAB ARCHITECTS                                                                                                         project featured here

MCK ARCHITECTURE                                                                                                      project featured here

KEITH BAKER DESIGN                                                                                                     project featured here

IAN MOORE ARCHITECTS                                                                                               project featured here

GEM ARCHITECTS                                                                                                             project featured here

DVA ARHITEKTA                                                                                                                 project featured here

DENCITY DESIGN                                                                                                              project featured here

COTTAM HARGRAVE                                                                                                        project featured here

COOP 15                                                                                                                              project featured here

CHRISTOPHER SIMMONDS ARCHITECT                                                                    project featured here

CHEN SUCHART STUDIO                                                                                                project featured here

BUREAU^PROBERTS                                                                                                       project featured here

BRUCE STAFFORD ARCHITECTS                                                                                 project featured here

BAUER POLLA + ONODI ANDRAS                                                                                  project featured here

AXIS ARCHITECTS                                                                                                            project featured here

ASSEMBLAGE STUDIO                                                                                                     project featured here

ARQX [ARQUITECTOS]                                                                                                     project featured here

 ARCHITEKTONICKE STUDIO ATRIUM                                                                         project featured here

ARCHITECTS UNFOLDING                                                                                             project featured here

ARCH 11                                                                                                                              project featured here

ALTIUS ARCHITECTURE                                                                                                 project featured here

If you clicked on a number of these links, you probably noticed some of my daily reading comes from these design blogs:  ArchDaily,  Contemporist,  Design Milk,  and Dezeen.

You may have ALSO noticed that some of the more expensive projects above include elevators.  I’ve been warned about the stairs required to leave the house.  Our previous design included a dumb-waiter, but unfortunately our budget precludes one AND space to provide one in the future.  Wah-wah-wah (Debbie Downer).  This is how you build character.


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