We’re still talking with Builder #2, and ooking at a modified layout (minor tweaks to the kitchen and landscape steps remain), so let’s take a look at where this is going:


Comparing the plans to the last ones we posted, you’ll see the changes made to cut square feet.  The biggest move, suggested by Ryan Page (Builder #1), was to flip the stairs and the first floor powder room, allowing us to push the garage another 6 ±  feet under the house.  Then we pulled the east wall in 2 feet.  These moves result in some tradeoffs, but they trim off nearly 500 square feet.  The big tradeoffs are:

  • The stairs no longer open dramatically to the Entry (reducing its function as shared space for both public (front door) and private (stairs from garage) entrances),
  • the Dining Room got skinnier,
  • the front porch and balcony shrunk,
  • and the Master Closet and Bathroom got separated.

But in the process, the Living Room, 2nd and 3rd bedrooms got bigger.  Go figure.  There is still room to spare on the second floor, but taking it out makes the first floor layout suffer.

We are working through preliminary talks with Builder #2, who is cutting all contingencies from their schematic budget (I have mixed feelings), before we consider signing, and are still weighing the option to GC for ourselves.  That option seems less likely due to the cash flow of financing options.  More on that in another post.  In the mean time, we’re working on full construction drawings to move forward one way or the other.  I’ll post some of those later.

What do you think of the changes?  Are any of these compromises you wouldn’t make?


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