We’ve been crawling out of our skin to get this totally awesome house up and moved into, to get out of our rental, and to take advantage of ridiculously low interest rates.  I’ve been working on the Construction Documents during lunch, evenings, and other in-between times, reporting each night on progress.

I’m nearly done.  Only a couple things still need thought through, and Monday evening my client had some news for me…  though she’s been pushing for the larger rooms and amenities, the budget was suddenly VERY INTIMIDATING.  (Having a new family rearranges priorities.)

We crunched the numbers. We can afford the current design, but with very little wiggle room.  We prefer living well below our means.  And we originally set out to build a modest modern home.

The good news is that we have a lot of details thought out that can carry over to a reworked design, so things should come together quickly once the plan is settled.  (I’ll share the stair design in another post.)


(Wall Base Detail   |  2×12 “Timber” Beam Detail  |  Ceiling Fan Mount Detail  |  Joist Bridging Detail)

But here we are back at the drawing board. We are targeting a footprint of 24′ x 40′.  We can get there with our design if we pull in both sides 4′, and use the linear kitchen/dining/living room layout typical of efficient modern homes.  (Though this kills the “shotgun” views out the front AND back.)

1st   2nd

Another strategy is to turn the footprint sideways and group the K/D/L in a block, allowing for the desired views of our long lot.

1st    2nd

We’re going to give ourselves a couple days to explore and consider both options, and then move forward.  If we can move quickly enough we may still get to break ground this fall.


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