Voila!  The goal for this round of downsizing, was to cut 8′ off the width.  But after sketching and 3d modeling (we discovered a futon in one spot worked better adding a foot back in, and a leaf in the dining room table worked better with another two, etc) we cut 4′ off.  The first and second floor footprint is now 28′ x 38′ with a couple bump-outs.  The original design intent is still intact too.


I’ve also worked out the landscape steps up to the front door.  There’s a good chance the retaining walls are ‘value engineered’ to something cheaper, but the concept should hold.

We’re wrapping up some last details while waiting for a friend to determine structural beam sizes and another working on retaining wall footing sizes. We’ll talk to our builder at the end of the week and find out whether we can still break ground this Fall, or whether we wait until Spring.


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