The Ball Starts Rolling

We thought dirt would be moving by now, but we’re not far off:

We’re negotiating terms of the contract with our builder, who has a boilerplate agreement morphed for each project over his 35 years of work.  The AIA (American Institute of Architects) produces industry standard contracts with some provisions I’m trying to get into his agreement.  And there is the question of incorporating owner-performance that is risky to the builder and lender.  I’ll divulge more after the papers are signed, and a loan secured.  Sounds like financing alone is a month long process, so ground breaking is still at least that far off.


In the mean time, we’ve been clearing the lot.  We’ve had some spectacular help from some friends and family.  Huge thanks to our lumberjacks, Kyle B., Brian O., Jim H., Nate H., Josh W. & Dan W.!  I’ve put in several half days (I found the poison ivy!), and we had pros come tackle the trees that were too tall, near houses or power lines, and highly risky to an amateur.  Their high wire monkey work was pretty phenomenal!

39_Timber_01   39_Timber_02   39_Timber_03   39_Timber_04
TIMBER! (The pro actually yelled “HEADACHE!” instead.)

39_BrushMountain_01    39_BrushMountain_02     39_BrushMountain_03
Brush pile growing like Sea Monkeys.

We’ve got a mountain of a brush pile to chip, a LOT of firewood to relocate to the back, several logs of black cherry that we’ll mill into lumber for stair treads, and the surprise find is the gorgeous red elm that will become our dining room table, if not additional furniture.

39_RedElmPizzaPie_01 39_RedElmPrepped_01
Red Elm ^      Prepped for milling: the paint slows vapor loss that contributes to splits and warping ^


Mental notes from clearing; always have at least two chainsaws and rope on site (really helps get things done .  And just because a vine is as thick as your wrist doesn’t mean it’s a branch; Popeye arms, meet cortisone shot!

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