Massive Mulching

I had the entire weekend blocked out, and a 9″ chipper reserved at Hoosier Tool Rental.  Amazingly, and still to my astonishment, five friends chipped in help and polished it off in LESS THAN 4 HOURS.  (A pro quoted $2k using 5 guys for 5 hours.)  HUGE thanks to Paul S., Kyle B., Scott C., Ben C., and Stephen T.!  I owed my neighbor for help moving firewood so we chipped a pile he had to boot!

40-ChipperHalfWay           40-ChippingFinished
Beginning the pile^                                                             All done!^

There’s something to be said for having the right tool for the job, and I think everyone secretly enjoyed throwing the larger branches / logs in to watch the chipper do her work.  BrRrRrRRAAACCKKK!  What a hoss.

Next step: get the timbers consolidated and ready for milling while the builder does his prep work.  By the way, I also found that one of the big hardware stores sells lumber by the gallon!



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