It begins!




Stakes are in. (They mark the location of the foundation walls.)  We break ground Wednesday!

Milling Around (Pt. 1)

We closed on the loan *whew*!

We changed our cash strategy after the craptastic appraisal, which resulted in more required  paperwork; more or less to prove we hadn’t taken out a small loan to cover settlement costs for the construction loan.  Apparently, this scheme has been tried  before by enough people to make it a standard concern for lenders!

40_Tractor_01       40_Tractor_02

With financing in place, we shifted attention back to the lot.  Melissa’s boss has relatives with a farm nearby.  They lent a tractor and chains, and her boss’ husband and I moved the timber to the back of the lot with our other friend, John Deere.  Thank you Molly and Ryan!  We’ve been joking that we should engrave names on bricks for all the help we’ve gotten.  We’ve had some very hard work done by some very generous friends and family!  We’re very grateful!

While we were hauling the timber, a neighbor said, “It’s good you’re moving that.  Last week a guy was at your lot.  I asked him what he was up to.  He was waiting for a buddy to show up with a truck so they could get some of the timber.  I told him, ‘No, you’re not.’”  Here’s to good neighbors: Thanks, Eric!


Last weekend Melissa’s dad brought his saw mill on site.  We set up Friday night, then worked all day Saturday and all day Sunday, rolling long log sections onto the rail and running the huge band saw back and forth.  Wrestling the logs in place is it’s own task.  As my brother in law pointed out, some of them like to do their own thing.  Milling is another task, but as Melissa’s dad pointed out, that first cut is like opening a gift.  Seeing the color and grain revealed is pretty thrilling!

40_CutElm_01  40_CutElm_02  40_Footprints_01

There’s also a lot of waste when milling smaller timber, so another task was to cut the long strips of quarter round bark into firewood.  We got through about half of the timber and got a lot of good exercise.  The kind that requires ibuprophen.  A huge thanks to Wally, Jason, Josh, Dan, and Sue! Let’s do this again!

40_MillCrew_03   40_MillCrew_01

40_MillCrew_02    40_LumberPile_01

Meanwhile, our builder has filed for permits.  He won’t give us a date for breaking ground because there’s apparently no knowing how quickly Marion County will provide the permits.  I think we’ll have them within a few days.  Just a hunch.  Let’s get this party started.