Suddenly Basement!

After we adjusted the stakes marking the house corners (error on my part.  Paying for and having a proper survey would have helped.  Lesson learned.)  It was a busy week and a half on site.  In summary: BASEMENT!

Excavation started.  And our son started walking the same day (not pictured, duh)!
43-Excavation_01    43-Excavation_02

Footings poured. I rescued Holey Moley from the work going on. (karmic action)
43-Footings     43-HoleyMoley

The remaining timber was milled.  That beautiful black cherry board Melissa and her dad are trimming on the sawmill will be a couple of stair treads.  A portion of our firewood got stacked, and restacked (oops!).  We had  help once again from Melissa’s dad, Dan, and brother, Matt.  Thanks guys!   We also owe a HUGE thanks to Jason P., Trevor O., and Michael L, who worked to exhaustion.  We did our stuff on Monday and got to see the foundation drainage pipe get placed and concrete form work delivered.
43-MillingPt2_01    43-MillingPt2_02 43-MillingPt3_03    43-FdnDrain

Form work was set up and the concrete walls were poured.  A neighbor cat beat us to imbedding hand prints in the wet concrete (but no initials).
43-FormworkUp   43-Poured

The forms were removed the following day.  Wah-la!  Basement walls!  We used formliners on the front walls to look like they were formed with wood boards.  Stone veneer didn’t make the budget.  I also collected the debris along the walls after-hours, which amounted to about 30 pounds of form tie snap-offs and dropped nails, and a bag of bottles and cans.  That stuff is frequently buried on jobs.  Not ours.
43-BsmtWalls_01    43-BsmtWalls_02

43-BsmtWalls_03   43-UdrSlabRoughIn
The underslab plumbing “rough-ins” were put in place for our sump and future bathroom.

Weather and time permitting this coming holiday week, we’ll have slabs, water proofed walls and backfill placed – a complete basement!


One thought on “Suddenly Basement!

  1. I saw your basement on my way home Friday night! That went up FAST!

    Keep Holey Moley over there or we’ll send the chipmunks back your way…

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