All Set for Framing

We made July 4th into a 4 day weekend and while we worked off site, the contractors finished the basement, pouring and sealing the garage slab, applying the waterproofing, dimple drainage sheet, backfilling and rough grade.

45-01 BsmtWtrPrf              45-02 BsmtSlabs 45-03 BsmtBkfll   45-04 BsmtRghGrade

Melissa’s dad has some red oak milled from his own property that we began to prep for base board and trim at his workshop.  We set up an assembly line of joining and ripping the boards to size and then ran them all through the planer.  Over and over.  It was an impressive output!  We probably got through 1/3 of the needed trim.  We’ll pick up where we left off with the other 2/3 soon.

45-06 RawTrimBds     45-07 TrimAsmblyLine

While out to dinner with our Best Man and his wife, they mentioned getting rid of a landscape feature to make more room for their kids to play.  So the next day I went out and picked up about 2 1/2 tons of stone!  Thanks Mike and Rachel!

45-08 Stoned     45-05 BsmtWinWell

With the basement done, the house has been ready for framing for the last 2 1/2 weeks, but the framing sub contractor is busy finishing another job.  I can also start installing the retaining walls, and have been doing some comparative “shopping,” research, quantity take-offs and so on.  Materials were ordered today, so we’ll have our next big owner-performed project soon.


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