Minor Setback

My finger isn’t working.  Wanna guess how this happened?

46-Finger_01    46-Finger_03

1 – Some jerk in line at Meijer was stringing one disparaging remark after another at Melissa, thinking she cut in line.  I stepped in.  It escalated when he pushed me, so I kicked his nads, swung a heavy right hook into his solar plexus, and came down on his face with a left hook.  TKO.  Shattered his cheekbone and broke my finger.

2 – While walking our dog, she lunged at a yippy lap dog.  When I yanked back, my hold on the leash was just so, that it ligatured my finger and snapped the tendon.

3 – I was feeding a board through the table saw.  The board pinched the blade and it kicked back. My finger got in the way and was dislocated.

4 – This little piggy went to market.  This little piggy dropped a 55 lb concrete retaining wall block on itself and stopped moving.

5 – “Inside everbody’s nose There lives a sharp-toothed snail.” – Shel Silverstein.  They were able to reattach it.

If you picked the very mundane story number two, you win.  I can’t extend that finger, and am wearing a dramatically giant plaster splint.  These injuries are never glory stories (see #1).  In any case, I’ll be delayed installing Project Retaining Wall, but luckily it doesn’t effect anything else on the schedule.

For now, I’m limited to one-hand typing until I meet with a specialist about getting the Skywalker Upgrade.


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