To the Kiln

Saturday started with a hairy deadline: the kiln operator would only be open until 1 and the wood had to get loaded (from the back of the lot) and driven an hour north of town.  It happened and there are three heroes to this tale.

51-Frmg-LowRoof     51-GloveMod

My boss, Bob, traded his truck with my car for the weekend.  When I pulled it up to the trailer rental place they said, “Um, you’re gonna want a FULL SIZE pick up for this.”  The smallest flatbed trailer they had was made for cars.  Bob’s truck stood up to the challenge, but we were just within it’s load limit.

My coworker, Kyle, has pretty much made himself available any time I’ve needed help.  True to form, he confessed to being a little out of shape for the task, then proceeded to lug ginormous boards on his shoulder across the lot.  He’s a good guy, built like a work horse, and brilliant too.  Just as we were panting and our arms seizing up…

My friend Mike joined us to get the rest of the wood down and loaded.  Mike is such an easy going guy, and lugged more than his share of the load too.  He even offered to lend his bulldozer for site work too.

51-WdLoad     51-WdUnld
Loaded up.  Mostly 3″ thick black cherry                         Unloaded. Hollingsworth is a huge operation.


2nd Floor Framing

50-Frmg-2ndFlr2nd Floor framing is progressing nicely!

50-Frmg-Bds2n32nd & 3rd Bedrooms

50-Frmg-MsterBdMaster Bedroom “view” (until the front wall is framed out).

50-Frmg-StrsTemporary stairs.  Milled wood for final stairs treads goes to the kiln this weekend.


49-01_Frmg-M    49-02_Frmg-SS

The framing continues, with just a little bit of lag. There is a slight delay because I found a less expensive source for the exposed beams above the living room, a change that saves several thousand dollars, and the purchase was a little slow. Temporary joists have been installed so that framing can proceed.

49-03_Frmg-TempJsts   49-04_Frmg-2ndFlrFlr

The up side is that the pace has given us a chance scrutinize the work.  I’ve noticed a couple things that are easy enough to correct right away, but not so much after. This includes a joist that would conflict with the planned location of recessed lights, and a wall that was 5″ off. Doesn’t sound like much, but it would have effected bearing walls above, the alignment of windows and balance of surrounding exterior panels.

49-05_Framing   49-06_Framing   49-07_Framing

The first floor was more or less complete this past weekend. Exterior walls on the second floor have begun!


1st Floor Floor

The week ended at a good stopping point – the first floor joists and deck were finished on Friday with the garage door beam and sloped joists installed over the garage (for the front porch/deck).

48 FramingGarBm_01   48 FramingDeckJoists_01

More might have been done, but the wrong size lumber was delivered for the exterior walls.  Maybe the right material was delivered elsewhere, marked correctly for the ZABEL Residence?


We also swung by and painted lines to mark the limits of the digging for the retaining walls.

48 RetWallExcav_01   48 RetWallExcav_02

Framing Begins

The completed basement waited 4 weeks for framing to begin and it started this week!  The next several weeks should see some dramatic progress.

47-Framing 01-sill    47-Framing 02-sill

I showed up and our builder was there.  He introduced me to the framing contractor and his crew.  “This is Harold, he does really great work.  That guy over there is good.  So is that kid, and that guy.  Now that kid over there is worthless.  He’s just a board carrier.”  Harold, “Who him?  Yeah, and your lucky if he brings you the right size board!”  Harsh!

47-Framing 03-beam    47-Framing 04-bsmt

The sill plates were down, and by the end of the day the steel beam under the front wall and the first floor joists were up.

47-Framing 05-1stFlrJst    47-framing 06-Anchors

I brought donuts to the crew this morning and they had the floor deck (plywood) installed and ready for walls, but the wood won’t come for that until tomorrow.  So tomorrow there should be some wall framing to show off.  Woot!

47-framing 07-Anchors    47-framing 08-Anchors

There are some issues with the anchor bolt locations installed by the foundation contractor.  I hope we don’t have many coordination issues like this, but we’ll get to see the quality of our builder by how he fixes this.