Framing Begins

The completed basement waited 4 weeks for framing to begin and it started this week!  The next several weeks should see some dramatic progress.

47-Framing 01-sill    47-Framing 02-sill

I showed up and our builder was there.  He introduced me to the framing contractor and his crew.  “This is Harold, he does really great work.  That guy over there is good.  So is that kid, and that guy.  Now that kid over there is worthless.  He’s just a board carrier.”  Harold, “Who him?  Yeah, and your lucky if he brings you the right size board!”  Harsh!

47-Framing 03-beam    47-Framing 04-bsmt

The sill plates were down, and by the end of the day the steel beam under the front wall and the first floor joists were up.

47-Framing 05-1stFlrJst    47-framing 06-Anchors

I brought donuts to the crew this morning and they had the floor deck (plywood) installed and ready for walls, but the wood won’t come for that until tomorrow.  So tomorrow there should be some wall framing to show off.  Woot!

47-framing 07-Anchors    47-framing 08-Anchors

There are some issues with the anchor bolt locations installed by the foundation contractor.  I hope we don’t have many coordination issues like this, but we’ll get to see the quality of our builder by how he fixes this.


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