49-01_Frmg-M    49-02_Frmg-SS

The framing continues, with just a little bit of lag. There is a slight delay because I found a less expensive source for the exposed beams above the living room, a change that saves several thousand dollars, and the purchase was a little slow. Temporary joists have been installed so that framing can proceed.

49-03_Frmg-TempJsts   49-04_Frmg-2ndFlrFlr

The up side is that the pace has given us a chance scrutinize the work.  I’ve noticed a couple things that are easy enough to correct right away, but not so much after. This includes a joist that would conflict with the planned location of recessed lights, and a wall that was 5″ off. Doesn’t sound like much, but it would have effected bearing walls above, the alignment of windows and balance of surrounding exterior panels.

49-05_Framing   49-06_Framing   49-07_Framing

The first floor was more or less complete this past weekend. Exterior walls on the second floor have begun!



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