To the Kiln

Saturday started with a hairy deadline: the kiln operator would only be open until 1 and the wood had to get loaded (from the back of the lot) and driven an hour north of town.  It happened and there are three heroes to this tale.

51-Frmg-LowRoof     51-GloveMod

My boss, Bob, traded his truck with my car for the weekend.  When I pulled it up to the trailer rental place they said, “Um, you’re gonna want a FULL SIZE pick up for this.”  The smallest flatbed trailer they had was made for cars.  Bob’s truck stood up to the challenge, but we were just within it’s load limit.

My coworker, Kyle, has pretty much made himself available any time I’ve needed help.  True to form, he confessed to being a little out of shape for the task, then proceeded to lug ginormous boards on his shoulder across the lot.  He’s a good guy, built like a work horse, and brilliant too.  Just as we were panting and our arms seizing up…

My friend Mike joined us to get the rest of the wood down and loaded.  Mike is such an easy going guy, and lugged more than his share of the load too.  He even offered to lend his bulldozer for site work too.

51-WdLoad     51-WdUnld
Loaded up.  Mostly 3″ thick black cherry                         Unloaded. Hollingsworth is a huge operation.


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