Framing Slows

Most of the framing has gone up, and despite a lot of little things to complete (master bath window openings, skylights, bulkheads, blocking, etc.), it has slowed.  The framers are waiting on delivery of the exposed beams for the living room (after I asked the builder to change suppliers for nearly $8k in savings!).  The beams were just put on the train in Oregon last night…

52-Frmg_01  52-Frmg_02  52-Frmg_02b

The front wall will be completed once the beams are installed.  Temporary joists are standing in.  We made our first unexpected change order.  (We have several planned changes, like the beams, to provide significant savings),  We added windows in the kitchen between the counter and upper cabinets.  It won’t provide a view, but will bring in more daylight and some modern flare.  Here’s the previz-


Here’s some minor framing items: the lower ceiling over the dining room, between the stairs and fireplace.  And the high opening between the master closet and the stair well, will also bring in more light and visual interest to an otherwise mundane room.  See that?  Design.

52-Frmg_03   52-Frmg_04    52-Frmg_05

52-Frmg_06bStair landing view.

I rented a mini-excavator over Labor Day weekend to dig out the window wells.  I hoped to do more, but the machine, though fun to drive, was seriously under-sized.  Lesson learned: always get the right tool for the job.

52 - WinWellExcvt_01 52 - WinWellExcvt_02 52-matrix_apu_gunslinger_by_retrolin-d5lgtdr

Over-dig for geo grid reinforcing.            What it looks like                           What it feels like

And finally, we’re working through some confusion with our builder over who’s scope the rough grading and the septic system is.  These conversations are rarely fun for anyone, so we’re mapping out our diplomacy before calling a meeting.


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