It’s a Dirty Job

52-Frmg-KitchBlkhds  52-Frmg-WinOpgs  52-Frmg-PktDr

Framing has all but stopped, as we wait for the magical beams to arrive (Edit: they arrived to the suppliers yesterday!). The framing crew has done a few bits – just enough to keep us excited – including the bulkheads over the kitchen cabinets, the dropped ceiling over the island, the pocket door frame at the powder room, and the high window openings into the master bath.

52-FrontLoader-01  52-FrontLoader-02  52-FrontLoader-03

Meanwhile, we met our builder to revisit items where scope has gotten fuzzy, including change orders and the huge hill o dirt in front of the house. The dirt is partially our issue since we’re building the retaining walls and need backfill, but the excess is his issue to haul off. So our friend Mike brought his front loader over and moved some dirt around, more convenient to backfilling, AND brought us a nice boulder! Most contractors are slammed with work right now, so we are waiting for the mini excavation work to prep the front retaining wall foundations, then we’ll have a big task to do.

We spent half this past weekend in Melissa’s dad’s workshop, ripping and planing more wood for our interior trim, and my dad was able to come lend a hand as well. There is some beautiful quarter-sawn red oak in that lot, and it turns out we have enough for all the base boards! We only have to purchase more for the door casing.

52-PalletteWe’ve had a palette of materials out for a while to test the cabinet color options. Every now and then Melissa switches them around and we see how it looks for a couple days, then switch them again…

In our meeting with the builder, his outline of events made it sound like our big work will hit in two months. We are planning our schedule, and will probably ask for your help before long!


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