Windows Windows on the Walls

We’re almost back on schedule!  And WordPress has reformatted all my posts.  Hmph.
The magical beams were delivered and were quickly swapped with the temporary joists.  The front wall was framed out and windows were set, and the living room bulkheads went in.
 53-Retaining Footers-01        53-Retaining Footers-02
Meanwhile, I hired out excavation for the retaining wall and window well trenches and concrete footers (overkill, but a good measure).  The weather last weekend only allowed a crew of friends to move the blocks around site, but not install them.  HUGE thanks to Andrew, Jon, Danielle, Nate, Scott, and Mat!  We were SOAKED and muddy, but a great crew with a ‘let’s do this‘ spirit!
 53-Retaining Block Palettes      53-Weekend Warriors
I’ve spent more time than I should with some materials research including insulation options.  This is worthy of it’s own post, so I’ll divulge more on these soon.
53-Ext WindowsIt’s starting to look like a house!

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