Siding complete!


Splitting hairs over color.                                                  And final selection.

59-ColorOptions   59-ColorsPicked



Exterior Color

We identified our basic colors a while ago, but have been debating the nuances of shade and tone.  Our lap siding (base color) will be a blue/gray and the panel colors will be a orange.

While I gravitate toward a grayer blue and browner orange (hinting toward cedar tones), Melissa pulls toward the bluer gray, and lighter orange.  Here is the palette we’ve landed on: (it may get tweaked when we do color tests on the actual siding)

Color-BM-1623 Britannia Blue  Color-BM-104 Sienna Clay  Color-PPG-527-6 Flipper  Color-PPG-527-4 Fond Memory



Hey, who cut down all the trees!?

The Broad Side

We’ve written up some updates that we haven’t posted because of formatting issues with WordPress.  Too busy to address that properly, so…

Here’s a couple quick shots: Siding is going up and the retaining walls are all but done!