We’ve been quiet, but quite busy here on the Zproject homefront, waiting to see big steps happen while we take little, behind-the-scenes steps.


Thanksgiving weekend was spent almost entirely in Melissa’s dad’s wood shop, where we finished planing, routing, and sanding the interior trim from the red oak off his property that he milled.  Melissa ran out for Black Friday deals on appliances, and managed to get them all!  More on the appliances in another post.

60-Interior Trim         60-02-Steel Chop          GE Adora French Fridge

Meanwhile, I brought some steel I cut and deburred ahead of time, and my dad drilled all the holes needed in the stair tread mounting brackets and countertop brackets (we copied a slick design I saw here) for the island, in his own shop.

StairBracket_03                  60-05-Steel Stands 60-04-Steel Clean                  60-07-Steel Primed

The following week my mom helped build cardboard stands for painting, and degrease the steel.  Then I primed it.  The temp dropped, or we would have the finish paint on and ready to go!

We’ve been eagerly anticipating exterior paint and the septic field.  The septic field won – with installation taking the last two days.  Paint is still pending weather (Go!  NOW!  It’s 44°!!!) 

60-Septic 01 Tank   60-Septic 02 Field

We have a good friend in the insulation industry who got us a massive discount.  I picked it up on Monday and Melissa helped unload during her lunch break.  I have a lot more to say on insulation, so that will need to be its own post.

60-Insulation_01                   60-Insulation_02

The rough-in inspection was on hold for several weeks waiting for the fireplace, which went in last weekend (again, lots to say on fireplaces, but later).   The inspector found several issues on Monday, most notably: the flue terminated inside the chimney (didn’t go through chimney roof).  The installer neglected to tell anyone they needed more flue pipe to finish!


The black cherry that we milled from trees on site should arrive any minute from the kiln and we can start building stair treads.

We’re just on the edge of getting really busy.  As soon as the inspection passes, we’ll insulate, see drywall go up, mechanical equipment go in and we can start acclimating some of the finish material (like boughs of holly?).

Fah-ra-ra-ra-ra from Indy.


2 thoughts on “Holidaze

  1. I have no idea if you’ll get this comment because this post I found was so long ago but…going to try anyway! I ran across your stair tread brackets and I LOOOVE them. I feel like I’ve been searching for them all day long. I see that you made them. Great for you, bummer for me! Any idea where I might find something similar for a stair project I’m working on? I’d be very grateful for a lead if you have one! Thanks!

    • Ah, yes I remember looking for an off-the-shelf product too! Googling “stair tread brackets” results in ugly galvanized outdoor deck stair options, or frilly Victorian stringer trim, but nothing like what you want. The DIY was not hard (though I had to rent the appropriate saw), but if you’re not eager to do that, I would recommend finding a local metal fabricator. Here in Indy, there are at least 3 reputable ones, and Centerline Studio (http://centerlinestudio.net/) is my go to guys. Be sure you find someone with architectural stairs and railings in their portfolio and they will be well suited to help you!

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