The Pace Quickens

We’re busy throwing in more labor now and coordinating gaps in scope.

We’ve been out and about looking for an accent tile for showers.


Due to a snag between Home Depot, GE, and us, we had to take delivery of our appliances Monday instead of the end of April.  So they are in storage off site.  For real?  Uh, yup.


We changed the plastic finish edge at the bottom of the drywall to a different type for a better, cleaner finish.  This caused a slight delay but we want it done right.  A lot of corners didn’t match up.  I marked locations on Monday and most of them were already fixed (still awaiting final mud coat) by the end of the day Tuesday.

64-Drywall-Errors    64-Drywall-Locations

Doors arrived yesterday and my installer showed up shortly after and most of them were in by the end of day.

64-Door Delivery

I wasted a LOT of time testing stain mixes to get the interior wood trim to match the flooring.  I ended up at Sherwin Williams and they NAILED it.  If you ever need to do this, just go straight to the pros to get it right.  Most of the wood base boards are stained, and I’ll be finishing and installing it through next week.

It’s been fun reaching out for quotes on flooring, hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, (not to mention quotes on labor for work we would lag on) but it’s a work out!


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