All Work No Play

I’m putting in a LOT of time.  We’ve established a routine and every couple of days is blurring together.  I can’t tell where I end and the house begins.  I’ve probably dropped 15 lbs. and I’m pretty sure there’s a Tyler Durden version of me by now, with a Marla Singer version of Melissa attending single parent support groups.

65_Wall Base_01  65_Wall Base_02  65_Wall Base_03

But we are coming right along.  I hired help to install the pre-hung doors (except 4 that were delayed), and the cabinet installation was also hired out.  (A dedicated cabinet post has been drafted.) I’ve spent most of my time staining and finishing interior wood.

65_Kitchen Cabinets_01   65_Kitchen Cabinets_02

The baseboard was the first to go in and delayed by drywall “errors.”  The drywall bottom was not installed straight and corners were not lining up.  As if the intent was unclear.  Before drywall work began I suggested it be set on cleats for best results.  Of course the builder said that’s probably what SHOULD have been done AFTER the fact …and after the 4th time of correcting issues.  Have I expressed my frustration with  his ‘coordination’ yet?  The drywaller complained about all the call backs.  “This has been a challenging house.”  Them’s strong words for an 84 y.o. gentleman.  If he had done it right in the first place…

The wall base looks slick.  Other trades are coming in and going, “huh.” I’ll take it as a compliment.  (I have a running theory that the best compliment a non-creative can give is, “Well now… that’s different.”)

65_Door_01   65_Door Casing   65_Door Casing_02

Door casing went in after base and, edge easing, staining and finishing aside, it went up fast.  Window sills and aprons were the same.  The woodwork makes the house look more like livable space!

65_Window Sills

Huge thanks to friends and family for the help!  I’m at a point where I shove a tool into someone’s hand and say, “please do this,” then go work on something else.  Not very social, but highly productive.  THANKS Kyle B., Matt W., Jason P., Stephen T., Al E., Paul S., and Dan W.!

This weekend we worked on the infill panels between the exposed beams in the living room.  More to come on that.


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