Oh What a Feeling

Some high end homes use wood planks on the ceiling with a great effect.  We thought it would be nice to do something similar but less expensive in the living room between our exposed beams.

Then, considering our open plan and hard flooring, I began looking for acoustic wood panels.  These are available with any number of perforated patterns and, backed with a acoustic insulation, will dissipate and absorb sound.   I found this, this, and this to work from.  We like the wood slat pattern, so I priced it between $8,000 and $12,000!  WHAT!?  Not for us!

66_Ceiling_SuperAcoustic13-3Panel    66_Panels_01    66_Picnic

So I touched base with Dick Lutin and James Lidecker ACS Sign Solutions, a local sign shop recommended by several colleagues, and if I supplied the plywood they could do the CNC cutting/drilling for nearly 1/10 the price.  Awesome!

The boards sit on aluminum angles with a foam gasket between to help reduce vibration.   The angles anchor directly into the exposed beams (my mom came through town with a friend while these were going up and we had a picnic lunch) and the panels slip up between,  just like regular 2 x 4 acoustic ceiling tiles.

66_Ceiling_01   66_Ceiling_02   66_Ceiling_03

I was anxious about messing up because I didn’t have any extra panels made.  It was a trick to work around the electrical rough-ins.  A few seams show because the plywood is bowed and the edges don’t meet up flush.  Once these are straightened out this should look perfect.

66_Panels_02   66_Ceiling_05   66_Ceiling_04

If they perform acoustically as calculated, these should be about the same as having carpet in the room.  So it should look great and be functional!  The beams were stained yesterday (for higher contrast, and to lead the eyes outside) and the insulation installed.  We’re just waiting for the painter to apply varnish, and we’re moving on to build the open-riser stairs!



One thought on “Oh What a Feeling

  1. Looking good, Steve! It has been so much fun watching you and Melissa build this beautiful home, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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