Rise and Run

The last 2 weeks have proved to be, by far, the greatest show of force on our part.  Both families came out in full 2 weekends ago to help and while we didn’t meet the goal of finishing the stairs, we got all the components ready to go and that was a MAJOR feat.

67_Milling Beams_01  67_Milling Beams_02  67_Gluing Trellis Beams


  • Ripped extra beams into screen wall boards,
  • Cut the cherry (from the trees cut on site) down to length.
  • Glued composite beams for the trellis
  • Glued composite cherry steps (planing imperfections resulted in too-thin boards).
  • Sanded and stained screen wall boards
  • Stained, routed pockets, and mounted brackets on the first set of stringers
  • Picked up the yard because the builder has yet to “keep the site clear of the accumulation of debris.”
  • Collected stones
  • Cleaned up base to drywall caulk
  • And set the finish nails sticking out.
  • Cut a template
  • Cut, stained, and set new stringers
  • Installed it!

67_Cherry To Length_02   67_Cherry To Length_01  67_Cherry To Width_01  67_Cherry To Width

67_Picking Finishes_01   67_Stone Collection

I made a HUGE mistake and caused a setback; I didn’t use a template to lay out the tread brackets before we cut them in.  I was so heartbroken and stressed when we held them up side by side and the brackets didn’t align.  A lot of time was lost.  Redemption came the next day when my brother-in-law Matt stayed on his day off to help get things back on track.

67_Screen Wall Prep_01  67_Base Board Follow Up  67_Screen Wall_01

Demolition of the framer-installed stringers was a careful dance, taking down one part, replacing it with new and continuing in that vein to ensure we didn’t get stuck on a landing without a slow way down.  The top run went first with the new stairs lifted into place (6 25/32″ spacing…  I’m no pro for measuring this out each time) after the stringers were secured.  Then the screen wall went in, then the lower run, completing the 1st to 2nd floor flight.  And it packs a visual punch!

67_Stair Stringers_01  67_Stair Stringers_02  67_Stair Stringers_03  67_Stair Stringers_04

This week/weekend we’ll install the treads and risers over the basement to first floor flight and that will complete our interior carpentry!

67_Stair Stringers Pt 2_01   67_Stair Stringers Pt 2_02   67_Stair Stringers Pt 2_03

We CANNOT THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH for their help, time, encouragement, company, and energy.  Nick Zabel, Jason P., Barb, Becky, Dan, Sue, Josh,  Katie, Brandt, Ethan, Andrew A., Brian O., Mallory O., Daniel K., and Matt…  you are always welcome here!!!!

67_Treads-Brackets Mounted  67_Treads-Install  67_Screen Wall_02  67_Screen Wall_03

67_Stairs_02   67_Stairs_01   67_Screen Wall_04


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