The Beginning of the Finishing

When we’re quiet online, we’re REALLY REALLY busy.

We installed the island ceiling and lower stairs lickety split after a lot of help from our friends Jason and Andrew, (and a stair tread jig from Lowes).

69_Island Ceiling                                                            69_LowerStairs

The painter came in and started with lacquer on all the woodwork.  Despite new regulations cutting VOC content that goop is still POTENT.  I was cutting boards 15′ from the garage door and the fumes wafting out still burned my eyes.  (The lacquer really makes the woodwork POP!)

IMG_3165     IMG_3164     IMG_3163     IMG_3162

Interior paint went up – we sort of threw spit balls at a color chart and it actually worked out REALLY WELL!

The front deck and trellis finally went up.  The trellis still needs guard rails and the polycarbonate top to keep rain off of our leisure street-watching.

69_Decking  69_Trellis  69_ExtPaint Trellis

Exterior paint also went  up.  We agonized over the exact shades of orange and gray, and it paid off.  We like it!  There are a couple details to straighten out; the orange panels should include the batten board (trim piece) going around the windows.

69_Tile And Bamboo   69_Fireplace Slate   69_Main Level-01

The flooring (hired out by us) went in.  The bamboo looks great!  (Too bad it has to be covered up, but it needs protected from subsequent work.)  The floor tile, an alternating 12 x 24 and 6 x 24 looks fantastic!  And the wall tile looks good too!  Just a couple things left to finish after more materials arrive.


Plumbing fixtures started today, and will finish next week after the countertops go in.

We can see the light at the end and can hardly contain the excitement!


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