Half Lit

We’ve been waiting weeks to see the trellis complete, the driveway poured, landscape finished, etc.  …In the mean time, we finished the shoe mold, installed some light fixtures, laminated and installed the island top, and put in hand rails.

There are a lot of little things waiting on other little things; I can’t install the vanity lights because the electrician hasn’t pulled the power out of the wall, because he’s waiting on the mirror sizes before doing it.  I reminded the builder to get the ball rolling on mirrors, and we’re in the middle of hashing out options.  There are also a number of back order items, that keep getting strung along.

70_StepLights step lights and dirty stairs   70_Artichoke artichoke (knock-off).

It’s funny at this stage how each task requires different problem solving (and trips to the store) – each fixture and condition is different.  I needed #8 washers for one thing,  #10 for another, and needed 4″ recessed light trim to seat the pendants on the acoustic panels right.

70_BdrmFan  70_MstrClLt  70_LRlights

Two huge chunks of black cherry (milled from our lot) remained due to indecision; to mantel or not to mantel.  They have become our island counter top!  I had them planed (too wide for my machine) and one was so twisted it had to be cut in half to make flat.  I asked the shop to glue them together too, and they refused to glue a butt joint between the (now) two shorter pieces because of differential expansion  Ok, fine.  My brother in law, Josh, helped me route out dado joints and the boards are glued together with full length splines.  My dad helped me move the beastly result into place and he installed the pendants above it to boot.

70_CherryTop_01   70_CherryTop_02   70_CherryTop_03

Some folks like poured epoxy coatings for bar tops, but it looks like cheap plastic melted over the top.  I used Spar Varnish – a marine grade coating.  It lifted some of the stain (@$#%!! we’re trying to match the floating stairs and have a deadline!).  Melissa’s dad suggested tinting the varnish and it works!  AND looks dead sexy.  There is still several coats to add, but it’s installed so the backsplash can go in, so the power receptacles can go in so that…  on down the line.

Here are the installed hand rail brackets from Inline Design.  My colleague Adam W. introduced me to them.  I was struggling to find something between the mundane $5 bracket at the big box, and the $100 high end bracket worth noticing.  These are $30.


We’ve requested yet another loan extension.  Big long awkward audible sigh.

We will also have the pleasure this week of meeting a sub contractor to discuss why we are withholding some pay.  He made a mess, but ain’t seeing it.

And now, a joke:  What doorbell do you put on a custom home with no other cheap white plastic doodads on the outside?



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