So Close

The final push always seems to be the slowest.

The driveway and stair path FINALLY went in after a couple months delays.  Part of the delay was waiting for correction of the retaining wall steps.  Another part was out-of-whack schedules .  The biggest was the excuse of intermittent rain.  For serious, you rainy locales, how do you even concrete?

71_Driveway 01  71_Driveway 02  71_Driveway 03

The drive looks great.  The yard, however, is overgrown again.  Final grade, and seeding will happen after move in, and we’ll be doing our own plantings.

71_Driveway 04   71_Overgrown

Evenings and weekend hours went toward some of the finish items.  Melissa and Soren did their level best to spend these hours with family, so Darla came and kept vigilant lookout for me.  And attempted to taste every speck of debris on site.  For the umpteenth time: NONE OF THIS IS EDIBLE.  “Really?  What about this?”  “Nope. <sigh>”  She pre-conditioned the front and back door with dog-nose-prints.

71_GuardDog   71_Lights 02   71_Lights 01

I installed a few more lights.  The exterior sconces look sharp!  We also noticed that our super sculptural entry fixture hung too low (the front door would brush it) so we swapped it with the master closet light.  Much better than getting back pennies on the dollar due to ridiculous restocking fees!

71_Sconce 02   71_Sconce 01   71_Door-Knobs   71_Door-Stops

Closet doors got remounted.  Door knobs and handlesets went in.  Our modern floor mounted door stops are in…

Appliances also went in except refrigerator (builder’s mandate.  Dunno why.).   Thanks for the help Jon!

71_Range  71_Mirrors  71_Shwr Glass

The mirrors and shower glass are in.  Soren came on site to test the shower glass.  Report: satisfactory.

There are still a lot of small touches dangling over us that will happen after move in.  We sorted through the final change order paperwork with the builder (worthy of a separate, albeit picture-starved post).  We will do a final walk through on Monday, with the rest of the week to knock those items out, then we are just waiting for the bank to allow us to move in!