We are IN the new house!  It’s been two weeks and two days, but we’re having internet connectile disfunction (AT&T sent out a tech to hook it up, who instead told us our address wasn’t valid.) and we are therefore nonexistent in the blogosphere.  This also means a photo-deficient post.  😦
Our awesome families helped us make the move; mine spent Saturday prepping, cleaning, packing, installing closet systems, moving and unpacking kitchen stuff.  Melissa’s family took over the Sunday, moving the bulk in several trips (understatement) and unpacking.  Melissa and her mom also spent a couple extra (vacation) days after unpacking, cleaning the old apartment, and picking up necessities.  Troopers!
Here’s the harrowing part: we didn’t know if we would get to move as late as the week leading into it!  The builder was sure the bank had stipulations on Occupancy, meanwhile, we were pressing him to avoid another end-of-month loan extension.  The bank didn’t care.  Nor did the municipality.  Occupancy was determined solely by the contract agreement with the builder.
However, in order to close the loan, the bank had to see final grading, grass seeding and landscaping.  Baffled by these requirements, the builder was suddenly scrambling (despite the prior 3 weeks of no work on site), and making no promises due to a rainy forecast.  We had clear (enough) skies and it all came together.
We pulled landscaping out of the builder’s scope, and the bank wanted to see landscaping to close the loan, so we had work to do too.  But they wouldn’t say how much had to be completed; it was up to the 3rd party appraiser who they are not allowed to have direct contact with.  I spent the Monday after the move filling the front landscape beds with 3.5 tons of dirt and plants, only to hear that the appraiser had ‘okayed’ us after seeing the grass seed alone.  Regardless, that part of the landscaping is done.
We’ve made interesting discoveries during and after our move.  Like the refrigerator doesn’t fit into its alcove (cabinet installer error).  The numerous drywall spots we marked for patching on our punch list walk through were only partially attended to, and no more.  And the painter left footprints in the polyurethane finish on our steps.  It’s almost whimsical, except they’re big sweaty man-feet prints, and totally not what we’re going for.
The builder is no longer responding to our requests for satisfactory completion of punch list items (drywall, footprints, etc.) after providing some inadequate excuses so we are lawyering up.  We are long overdue for a post summarizing his performance, but will make sure we’re legally clean first (even though we have never dropped his name here).
That aside, we are REALLY HAPPY to finally be in our home!  There are a number of projects to wrap up (linen closet shelves, etc.), but the eagle has landed!