The Project

This home building project officially began the summer of 2010 with the selling of our previous home–though we have been discussing ideas for many years. Being part of the “American middle class” seemed to be an easy excuse to convince ourselves that we couldn’t afford to do a modern, custom home build. Once we got past the excuses, we admitted that creating art can happen at any time and on any budget. This project simply became a matter of getting creative with our ideas to make it work within our means.

Since we sold our home in 2010, we spent nearly a year scoping out different options for either rehabbing an existing home or building from scratch on a lot (which we finally settled on after finding a unique lot in an existing neighborhood–without design restrictions!).

This blog tells the story of how we went about our search for the right place, the challenges we continue to face along the way, and the lessons we are learning about what it takes to make a dream like this happen.

Our hope is that more average folks like ourselves will realize that good design can be within anyone’s reach if you stretch your creativity, have some patience, and are willing to put in some sweat equity to make it happen!


2 thoughts on “The Project

    • Hi Jean! We got the steel angles from metals It came in 6 or 8 foot lengths that I cut down to size with a rented metal cut-off saw. We drilled and countersunk the holes with a drill press then primed and painted (3 to 5 coats) with spray paint. Pretty involved, but the other option would have been to have a metal fabrication shop do all the same steps for the custom result.

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